Contract Electronics Manufacturing

Entech Electronics provides a unique openness to our clients, eliminating traditional roadblocks associated with multiple entities. Our true teaming approach is designed to enhance the product development and new product implementation space, working with your nominated design authority towards common goals.

Our world class experienced engineers and management team, deliver competitive manufacturing practices and quality accredited contract manufacturing services. With both ISO9001-2015 and ISO14001 certification, you can rely on Entech for a quality result.

Servicing clients in multiple industries across the globe including communications, medical device manufacturing, life science electronics, transport, aerospace and more.

Several of our clients are among the largest companies in the world and they choose us for good reasons.

The facilities and services in our Shenzhen plant include

  • Wholly Australian owned and operated manufacturing plant
  • Lead free processing.
  • Multiple Automated SMT lines
  • Through Hole Assembly lines.
  • Dual Wave, Wave Soldering machines.
  • Fine Pitch QFP and CSP placement
  • BGA and µBGA placement
  • Chip components 0201.
  • Large PCB sizes catered for.
  • Mixed technology assembly.
  • Complete product assembly including POS packaging.
  • Full functional testing using dedicated Jigs and fixtures.
  • 3D X-Ray inspection
  • Optical inspection facility for BGA placement.
  • Complex functional test jig design and manufacturing (in-line or standalone)

Component Procurement & Management Service

  • Domestic and International supply lines.
  • Sourcing of wire looms, including over moulds and semi rigid moulding, all custom and commodity cables.
  • Metal fabrication, casting and extrusion, including all finishes and pad printing.
  • Plastics tooling and manufacture.

Turnkey product manufacturing

  • Project management and complete product life-cycle management.
  • Large product assembly facilities.
  • Ultrasonic welding of plastic enclosures.
  • Custom cable and loom manufacturing.
  • Packaging and warehousing including manuals, CDs, literature and cartons.
  • Custom keypads, labels and QR / barcodes

Other services

  • Design advice on suitability for manufacture (DFM).
  • DFT, Design for test assessments.
  • Engineering support including PCB layouts and design.
  • Production tooling and test jig design and manufacture.
  • Shipping direct to your nominated worldwide warehouse.
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